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Special Programmes and Communication

The Communication Department of the is responsible for the all the Communication Activities in the institution both internally and externally. It prides itself with ensuring that the Municipality ploughs, cultivates and reaps the fruits of a well maintained reputation, good image development and a state of the nation positioning in terms of Development Communication.

Based at the Mayor’s Office, it provides Strategic Support to the Mayor as the Chief Communicator of the Institution, ensures that a positive image about the institution is conveyed to its community through a vast and different range of Communication Platforms.

With a Staff Complement of 9 members, it strives to run smooth communication within and outside the Municipality and ensures that messages are generated, communicated to the right persons, ant the right time without distortion. This Department is also responsible for creation of Strong Media Relations and Stakeholder Engagement.


A department that enhance effective and dynamic development communication and stimulate socio-economic development of designated group


To bridge the information gap through an interactive two way process and create a community that is buyers towards the plights of targeted group

Senior Manager – SP and Communication 

Mrs N.N Zembe

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