'In this year of the Fourth Parliament of our Nation, we as the community of Umzimvubu Local Municipality can take pride in the progress that our municipality has brought about in building a better life for our community.

We are confident of our ability as the local sphere of government in this part of the Eastern Cape Province to meet the enormous challenges of fully achieving our goal of a better life for all.

The objectives and strategies as well as programmes and projects contained in our revised Integrated Development Plan for 2009/ 10 Financial year, attest to our full commitment to change the lives of our local community for the better.

Critical to our goals for the realization of a better life is the restoration of dignity of all the people of Umzimvubu Local Municipality. This we can achieve by eradicating poverty and joblessness.  Our partnership with the local community has been and continues to be critical to the progress made over the past few years of our term of office.
While we pride ourselves of the progress made, we are fully aware of the massive challenges that remain before the accumulated legacy of poverty and underdevelopment can be eradicated.
Community participation remains our key pillar of the struggle to take our community out of the poverty trap.'