The Manager of Corporate Services is responsible for Human Resources and Administration.
The objectives of the Corporate Services Department are:

  • to provide sound personnel management;
  • to put into place an induction programme for new employees;
  • to create a safe working environment for employees;
  • to develop an electronic record management system;
  • to provide effective recruitment and selection;
  • to provide professional and effective administrative support to all Council structures to enhance optimal functioning;
  • the formulation and adoption of essential outstanding policies and by-laws;
  • to develop and implement skills development programmes and training in line with the workplace skills plan;
  • to oversee logistical arrangements for all Council meetings and events;
  • to compile and implement an Employment Equity Plan;
  • to manage procurement of office stationery in meeting the provisions of Supply Chain Management;
  • the implementation of the Performance Management system
  • to manage travel logistics for Councillors and officials;
  • to develop and implement an Employee Assistance Programme;
  • the application of grievance procedures.