The Manager of Social and Community Development is responsible for:

  • Public safety and security services
  • Social and community development services
  • Disaster management services (Immediate local relief).
The objectives of the Social and Community Development Department are:
  • to provide efficient vehicle licensing services to vehicle owners;
  • to provide support to other government law enforcement departments by keeping and updating records of licensing information;
  • to reduce the rate of accidents on our roads and attend to reported accidents and incidents;
  • to focus on minimising the Umzimvubu N2 Main Street traffic congestion;
  • to protect the environment and provide a safe and healthy environment to the local community;
  • to provide an Archives and Information Resource Centre;
  • to promote sports, arts culture in Umzimvubu.
The department of community services is responsible for delivery of Municipal Services in public safety, public transport, public facilities, social services and traffic management.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Public safety
    • Crime reduction.
    • Guarding of Municipal properties.
    • Implementation fo access control facilities/equipment.
  2. Public transport
    • improve road safety
    • Improve traffic flow in towns
    • Income generation activities
  3. Public Facilities
    • Libraries(construction and renovations).
    • Cemeteries
    • Pounds
    • Parks and recreational facilities
  4. Social Developement
    • nvironmental Policy
    • Occupational health and safety
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Disaster Management
    • Municipal by-laws.